Welcome to the
Business Female Foundation

2 Female Healthcare Entrepreneurs

1 mission

To get you paid showing up as yourself!

We've created successful businesses,and we've decided that we want to bring others along with us.

So if you:

1.  Are a  woman  in business
2.  Are thinking about starting a new business or have a baby  business
3.  Need clarity on your business ideas
4.  Need a safe community where you can unload, recharge and reset
5.  Need a network to take you to the next level in your career

This is for you!

Sometimes it can be frustrating to to know where to start!

Don't worry - we got you!


BFF 15 Day Challenge

           Let's change the narrative that Women 
      aren't successful in business!!

             Join the 15 day challenge and flex those sexy money biceps!

We start Oct 1st

What should you expect?

5 days Prep - we prep and get our strategy ready for our challenge with the tools we need to execute

10 days Sprint - showtime! Let’s make that money!

You in? Up for the challenge?

If you check all the boxes below, Click on the button below and let’s get it!

 ✅Woman business owner for >2 years
✅Making at least 5 figures In your business
✅Have a minimum of 2 hours a day to dedicate to this challenge 
✅Motivated to make some moolah!

We’re creating a community, a safe place for you to take off your shoes, and be honest about what’s holding you back as a woman in business.
and we want you to join us!

  What are the exact problems
that you are facing in your business?

Are you feeling Anxious about your place and ability as a woman in business?

Mindset is crucial to your success when it comes to business. No fairy dust stuff  here - a poor mindset will create confusion, anxiety, fear, indecision and  lack of motivation .

Work with us on this Mindset Puzzle by figuring out where you're getting stuck and see the growth and execution in your business magically grow!

Do you lack clarity on what. to focus  on in your business?

The market always rewards speed. But when you have so many things to work on, what do you focus on first? Is it the website? or your USP? or maybe you have to have the perfect logo and colors?

This is not a test! There is a formula to this! We're going to give you the Business Blueprint  to clarify what you should work on, how much, and when to get the results in your business. 

Are you connected to the right people to open doors for you?

No cliche here- your network is your Net WORTH!

And we are trying to get you paid and get you connected!

We know that you are brilliant and we just have to get the rest of the world to see it too! Let us get you connected to the right people that can elevate your business reach, ideas and audience.

Here's the #BFF Formula of how we get you showing up as yourself, and getting paid!


First things first - we get aligned. We're going to work on unpeeling the issues that is blocking you from truly showing up authentically

We get in tune with what makes YOU unique

In your goals

In your business

In your SELF.

Business Blueprint

Second we give you the blueprint for success.

Now that you're aligned, we  need to model your business to fit YOU!

We will build a business together that truly reflect the gifts that you have to offer


Lastly- we're going to give you things that no other program does.

We will be connecting you with key leaders in the industry.

We're providing you the network and the setup for you to succeed.

This course was everything! I have never had a course that went into mindset the way this program has. It really helped me to unpack alot of things that were missing in my business and I am excited to move forward knowing how to better connect with my clients and grow my practice. 

Dr. Leticia Jacquet
Little Antz Physical Therapy

I choose the BBF course because the women were just like me!  I now understand my mindset, my past and future legacy and how that is important in my business. I learned a lot, and have a great plan to execute to grow my business!

Keva Price
Keva Price Pilates

Being in the BFF business course has been life changing for me. I wasn’t really sure how to deal with pushing forward to get clients, but now I am clear on where I need to go next. I felt such a connection with Dr. J and Dr. Dee - its the best decision I ever made! 

Dr. Camille Foster
Align Right Physical Therapy

We get you results using our BFF Roadmap

We've created a signature program that takes you through the things you need to get success!!

Want t to learn more about how we do it? Check out this video to learn more.

We break it down into 3 elements - it's as easy as ABC!

Your Business is Unique - so your solution should be too!

We use our Signature #BFF Roadmap and apply it to you to get customized results!
Enjoy having eyes on your individual needs in your business using our framework to get you results!

Here's the process!

#BFF Assessment 

Your business is as unique as you are, so a cookie cutter approach won't do!

We comb through all the details of your business so that you can get down to   working on specific things that will move you forward.

Want a taste? Tests yourself on  our signature  #BFF Scorecard.

#BFF  Group  and Individual Coaching 

We meet weekly to keep you accountable to your goals.  

Problem solve in real time with your other #BFF peers to troubleshoot problems, and to find the solution that best fits your business

#BFF Resource Vault

Get access to all the tools you need for success!!

Use our vault of short videos, templates and worksheets to work on specific skills and flesh out the unique concepts that bring your business to life - and get you paid for it!

#BFF Community

Connection and community  is everything !

We want to be sure that you feel that you are a part of our #BFF Family. Join the community, learn from experts we bring in to grow this special space and continue to open doors that will launch your business into success!

Are you ready to level up?

If you're ready to claim success  and get paid to show up as yourself, Let's get it done!